Having grown up in Norway and been to the United States, I have seen pictures of white-tailed eagles in all of my life but I had never seen one. When I went to Hardangervidda recently, I knew this was my chance to see this wonderful bird.

Norwegian eagles such as the white-tailed eagle are native to the Nordic nature and live throughout out Norway, Sweden and Finland, the continental mountains of Norway in the south and northern parts of Sweden and Finland but they are especially plentiful in the southern part of Norway where you can spot them even when you drive a car in the area.

#1 Check out Hardangervidda during the Summer

I went to the Hardanger national park in the southern part of Norway where salmon go through a fishing weir and I waited to see my the majestic Norwegian eagles there. I saw a brown eagle fighting two other seagulls. Then I heard a whishing in the air and looked up. A majestic eagle came flying in and landed just a very few meters above my head on the branch of a tree when we had a picnic stop on our trip between Oslo and Bergen. Just before entering the mountain region of Hardangervidda area.

It was then that I noticed another eagle also who had been sitting in the tree all the time on the picnic area. They sat there and called back and forth to each other for about thirty-four minutes. Since then the majestic eagles became something special in my life. I was able to imagine this pair saying, “Where have you been all day?” “I was out getting materials for the nest and fishing.” I felt like I was eavesdropping on a private eagle conversion and was enthralled with the view I had been given into an eagle’s daily life.

So checking out Hardanger national park is a must for all that loves to hunt for great Norwegian Eagle shots. Recommended.

#2 My interest in Eagles in Norway increased a lot

I developed my interest in all types of eagles back in 2003 when I saw this eagle couple in the tree and also got to understand that this type of bird was declared endangered in many countries across the world. It was hard to imagine that a bird that had numbered 300,000 to 500,000 in the early 18th century had much lower mating pairs in the mid-twentieth century. What had happened to reduce the population so severely?

3 Best White-tailed Eagle Bird Experiences in Norway

Several things had happened to the eagles worldwide. Here in Norway, they are protected heavily. But in other countries such as the United States. These majestic animals deserve to be preserved. They help the rat population everywhere to be at a more stable rate. Together with owls and various types of cats. They prey and hunt those animals that can harm peoples houses and living conditions worldwide.

The white-tailed eagle (Haliaeëtus albicilla) that I have seen is also known as the sea eagle. It is the largest bird of prey in Norway. A white-tailed eagle average size is about 2.26 m (7 ft 5 in). Today, the sea eagle is a protected species both in Norway and most countries in Western Europe. So, do not attempt to try to hunt them.

#3 Eagles are one of the most Impressive birds that you can spot

Eagles everywhere you go are very impressive birds. These birds weigh a lot and can have a huge wingspan. They can lift a lot. There are real stories about eagles have taken newborn humans away. But this is a rarity. The white-tailed eagle experience will give you freezing dots on the back. They are majestic creatures which we all should have big respect for. Nature needs them.

Any type of eagles is the most majestic and impressive creatures when it is flying or is in the state of hunting. They ride the thermals or rising currents of warm air. They can soar to an altitude of 10,000 feet and achieve speeds of 30 to 35 mph or even higher when they jump down to a lake to get their well-earned meal. Their dive speed can be as high as 95 mph. Talon clasping or cartwheeling is amazing behavior.

3 Best White-tailed Eagle Bird Experiences in Norway

What is really impressive is when you are able to see two eagles that can grasp their ultra-sharp talons in mid-air and tumble and spin downward, letting go just before reaching the ground. That is a sight you should see! Some think this is a courtship ritual that the eagle has kept since the start while others think it is a territorial battle. Whichever it is, it is amazing to watch.

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Source: Rob Lebman