In Japan, the sentences can be a bit harsh. Here in the west, we think that Japan is such a nice country but if you get involved with its police or any government related personel Japan isn’t that different from other Asian countries. Read On…

23 Years for illegal Street Racing
Two men just got sentenced to 23 years in prison yesterday for illegal street racing, where they killed 4 and injured many in Sapporo in northern part of Japan.

For all mankind love, yes these people should’ve get a sentence! But this is not massmurder and they broke laws. Yes, they did something wrong, but to put these in prison for 23 years is a bit long in a country that is supposed to be “more free”?

Does people ever question the way courts and sentences is done in Japan these days? I would agree to give these two people a sentence of maximum 7 or 8 years, but 23 Years?

Now I wonder what is the worst sentence to get in Japan is?… Need more Knowledge on that. We at Distrita love Japan and want to cover the latest news for you, regarding culture and travel.