Happy holidays and Greetings from Distrita team to You!

God Jul
Merry Christmas
Glædelig Jul
Selamat Hari Natal
¡Feliz Navidad
Gleðileg jól
メリークリスマス – Merīkurisumasu
Wesołych Świąt

to our readers! to our helpers writing fantastic articles ! to our contributors in Mexico, Indonesia, USA, Hong Kong, Iraq, Poland and Norway! to everyone supporting us! to everyone that loves retro and new stuff 😉! to everyone having an awesome and a peaceful christmas!

Be Dreamers and Visionaries Everyone! 🙂 Thats what keeps the world move forward! Just use this time to reflect on peace and maybe the world can go further with less violence and killings. We should care more. All of us!

Love and Care

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