Beef ribs with carrots and onions with mezcal   Ingredients   1 Kg Roast beef rib   1 tablespoon ground oregano   Salt with garlic   4 carrots   1/2 onion   2 coriander branches   3 lemons   1 tablespoon oil   1 glass Mezcal   20 Cambray OnionsContinue Reading

Consent to the palate with the virtues of the sea is one of the things that people enjoy and nothing better for it than a delicious ceviche. In the history of ceviche, there are anthropological records that during the Inca period in Peru, its ancient inhabitants seasoned with fresh fishContinue Reading

Today we are going to prepare a delicious chamorro so you can enjoy it with your family The ingredients you need are: 1 Pork Chamorro Coarse salt Black pepper c / n 3 tablespoons canola oil 4 cloves of garlic 1 onion 1 Chile güero c / n 2 tablespoonsContinue Reading

Tamales with chipilín   Know a little about the gastronomy of Tabasco Chipilín tamales are typical of Olmeca, Chiapas, Tabasco … They are made from scrambled martajada dough with chipilín leaf, of peculiar flavor, accompanied by strands of pork or chicken wrapped in banana leaf. They are served with spicyContinue Reading