Iceland is Europes most Expensive Country

The price level in Norway where Distrita is located seems to have dropped. Today it is only 55% higher than the average in European countries last year. But there is one another Nordic country that is even more expensive that shocked me! Iceland is Europes most Expensive Country This smallContinue Reading

Tram Line 16 in Wroclaw, Poland just Opened

A totally new tramway line is now running on the totally new tram tracks of Hubska street, from Dyrekcyjna street to Glinianej street. Tram Line 16 opened on 22nd of June 2019 From June 22, 2019 (Saturday) the public transportation company in Wroclaw launched a new small section that isContinue Reading

Finally a Light Rail system that connects Cities in Canada

Sometimes public transport news is different than others. Like this one as Canada is not known for having Light Rail lines that connect various cities in one region but that changes in Waterloo Region.  Light Rail connecting Cities in Waterloo Region This area of Canada got about 500.000 peopleContinue Reading

Extension of Tram Line E in Strasbourg now Open

Since Monday 17th of June 2019, the tram line E in Strasbourg (in France) is extended. Strasbourg got one of the most interesting tram fleets and so its nice to report that this tram network is expanding. Now reaching Robertsau Neighborhood Since Monday this week you can now take theContinue Reading