2019 had 0 Dead Children in the Norwegian Traffic 1

For the first time. There was 0 Children deaths caused by car accidents in Norwegian traffic. That is a huge milestone for Norways 0 vision. The Norwegian government have 0 deaths in the traffic vision, so to see 101 to zero killed children in the traffic is Very positive!

Number of car fatalities since 1970 dropped to 0 in 2020

Nationally in Norway. The overall number of fatalities in traffic on our roads here upnorth has been a positive trend since the peak year of 1970. At that time there was 560 killed on the roads here. 101 of those killed were children. But today’s news since yesterday is very positive regarding this.

During these years since 1970 we have got cars that are much more safe for Children. The addition of seat belts helped a lot, which has been very important to reduce the numbers. Traffic safety has also been addressed at several levels in organisations. It is particularly gratifying that no children have died in traffic in 2019. This means that Norway is doing something right.

As late as 1985, 482 people lost their lives

At the peak since 1946 when the numbers were gathered. 1970 was the worst year with 570 killed in the traffic. In 1985 this number shrank down to 482. In 2019 that number was only 110 and 0 Children! This means that a lot been done.

2019 had 0 Dead Children in the Norwegian Traffic 2

In the capital of Norway, Oslo. The focus lately been to create separate bike lanes and to focus on lower speed limits in the Norwegian cities. This has helped a lot for the positive statistics. Offcourse, the vision is to have 0 killed in traffic. But that’s not possible as many adults drives without thinking about others when driving.

This is a huge milestone and so we hope that this number stays at 0! No one deserves to die in the traffic. So the focus in the world should be drive less cars, use more of public transportation systems where it is available. Care about your Children’s future. We all should.

Driving in Norway FAQ

What is the highest speed limit in Norway?

The absolute fastest speed limit is 110km/t but this is only on very small sections of the road network in Norway. Most of the roads in Norway got 70km/t or 80km/t on roads that are built for those speeds.

What side of the road is used in Norway?

Everywhere in Norway you must drive on the right side of the road in Norway. If you drive on the wrong side of road the fine for getting caught is really high.

Can you turn right on red in traffic light in Norway?

No! You can’t and its heavy fines if you get caught. In some rare cases the traffic lights got a surprise light that will give you green light so you can turn right. But it is the AI of the traffic light that decides this.

Is it ok to drive with summer tyres in winter in Norway?

No. In the winter you must use tyres for your car that can handle icy and snowy roads. In winter the weather changes a lot.

Any great Norwegian traffic advice?

Always be prepared for people that wants to break the rules. It is a saying in Norway that rules is made for getting fooled. But this is not wise as Police is checking a lot. So be nice in the Norwegan traffic when driving.

Source: NRK Dagsrevyen Main News on 1st of January 2020

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