With the horrible attack in Manchester, all of the media is fully focused on whats going on there. But many forgets that more horrible attacks also happens other places. Today, this happened near a bus station in east Jakarta, Indonesia. Yet another Suicide bombing attack Next to the Transjakarta busContinue Reading

Aceh in Indonesia, the muslims have their own rules about everything. So, when two men revealed to be gay the punishment they got was 83 beatings in front of audience that loved it and took hundreds of pictures! Sharia laws in Aceh, Indonesia The muslims is tighten their power everyContinue Reading

I don’t know about you, but there is always something special about becoming old. There are grandpas building amazing train modelling landscapes in their gardens or in the basements. But this grandpa in Texas, USA made something quite special for his granddaughter. Read On… Grandpa builds a theme park forContinue Reading

Robert Miles artist dies at 47

In 1996, Robert Miles had the summer heat that was difficult to avoid. The piano-tricking trance song called “Children” topped lists all over the world, and spent five weeks on top of hundreds of lists worldwide. He also made One and One, Fable and many other fantastic piano trance songs.Continue Reading