AmigaOS as a mobile operating system

In 1985, Commodore launched Amiga 1000 with worlds very first 32-bit Multitasking Operating System that could show 4096 colours at once and play Stereo music! By 1994, AmigaOS evolved a lot and became a fantastic operating system. Yes, AmigaOS 3.1 was out before Windows 95 was even born! The requirementsContinue Reading

Smart watches

Smart Watches were expected to be the next big trend and a golden opportunity for the mobile providers making more money. But what happened actually? Samsung and Apple launched their own mobile watches. They expected lots of upsells and new income opportunities. But still it’s the mobile phones everybody isContinue Reading

You might be thinking that with UN and other sites worldwide, that describes Norway as world’s happiest and best country to live in. These places however, doesn’t mention things that is controlled by the government and actually shrinks peoples freedom. So! On the outer shell, it seems like Norway isContinue Reading