Have you ever thought of building a boat? We all love boats, and who would not like to build a boat completely from scratch? Just start with a short stop at your local woodstore. A boat project must be the dream project for every single handy man out there! YouContinue Reading

In the Atlantic ocean, there is a country called Iceland. This land is part of the Nordic countries as it got similar flag as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Now a village in the far east of Iceland have taken initiative to make the long dark days brighter! List íContinue Reading

If you are tired of the polution and noise in Bandung, then Kawah Putih in southern Jawa in Indonesia is a worth visit. I had a very nice trip to a place that almost no one from “western” countries have seen. This area which is in the Mount Patuha, isContinue Reading

A-EON is now introducing Warp3D Nova. A Shader based 3D graphics driver for AmigaOS 4.x which is finally a reality! A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce that a native 3D Shader-based API has been developed for OS4. Warp3D Nova has been the result of over nine months of hardContinue Reading

There is insecure credit card payment at aeros-os.org site, Piru writes on Morphzone.org forums. This affects MorphOS also as this site holds MorphOS software he writes. “If you’ve bought a subscription by using the aeros-os.org website, your credit card details may have been stolen. The aeros-os.org website is missing HTTPSContinue Reading