Since many years Amitopia TV have entertained with Amiga content. Now Amitopia TV have found its own home at website bringing you Amiga Entertainment to you. Another good news is the release of Amitopia TV Live shows that will be showing Amiga content live 2-3 times a week. JustContinue Reading

South Korea have many cities with nicely built metro systems. They are big and is also a reason for less traffic in the countries bigger cities. Incheon city is no exception neither. The city got over 2.5 million people, means that its population is half of Norwegian population. However itContinue Reading

While most of the medias are finished with writing about this game after each release, people tend to forget about it. Distrita is here to remind you that Cities Skylines activity is as always high. On Steam Workshop you find the latest designs made by the community. There are twoContinue Reading

In 1970s trams were banned or closed from many American and European cities. Now its a trend to get them back, so Washington DC is no exception. To complement their Metrorail (subway) system, Washington DC have now got a much modern version of streetcars in their streets. The first lineContinue Reading

It is now out. Netcom becomes Telia in Norway. After 22 years in service, Netcom is no more in Norway. This means lots of changes for customers. The official transition happens on 1st of March.   What is Netcom? It is the second largest mobile phone operator in Norway. FromContinue Reading

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Back in the days I was running a site called and I have kept my most interesting interviews alive. Here is my interview of Elena Novaretti which actually brought 32bit icons to the Amiga as first person ever. Yes even AmigaOS 68k can have 32bit icons thru her PowerIconsContinue Reading

What is all this chit-chat about “slaves”? Surely, the centuries have gone where people could purchase and harbour slaves in order to do their bidding… To clear it all up, let us take a look at societies and explain what it takes to be a slave in a modern context. Well, youContinue Reading