Top 3 games of each Amiga systems will be revealed on Saturday 6th of February. So if you use AmigaOS 68k, MorphOS, AmigaOS 4 or AROS. Its now time to vote! This awards is held by Obligement Amiga magazine which is French, but the site is also in English. SoContinue Reading

In Europe we have many interesting countries and one of the most interesting one is Iceland. A small island country that is mostly on its own in the Atlantic ocean between Norway and Greenland island (Denmark). They have managed to change a sinking ship into a full growing country againContinue Reading

Now Norbert have released the very same Google Drive Handler for AmigaOS 68k as for MorphOS. The same terms as for the AmigaOS 68k version goes for this version also. Read much more about this tool here:

Developers gives Amiga magic moments and this Google Drive Handler release is no exception! Norbert Kett released this new app for Amiga community yesterday and it is a Dos handler that allows easy access to Your Google Drive storage. This app requires AmigaOS 3.x, 68020 28MHz, 8MB RAM and AmigaContinue Reading

Calimero is a powerfull DTP program for MorphOS created by Carsten Siegner. Now this new DTP program has reached 2.0 and features many new improvements. Calimero 2.0 can import AmigaGuide, Microsoft Word 2003 XML etc but also export documents to AmigaGuide, PDF, TXT, ODT, HTML etc! With Pagestream updates becomingContinue Reading

MacOS stops supporting 32-bit apps totally very soon

All iPhone and iPad owners should download the newest iOS version which have reached 9.2.1. This new version contains namely fixes, security enhancements and MDM (Mobile Device Management) server debugging. Also OS X El Capitan have been updated to version 10.11.3. The new version contains nothing new (10.11.4 receive supportContinue Reading

On 22nd of July 2011, Anders Behring Breivik managed to bomb attack Oslo center and also attack and kill innocent AP politicians at Utøya island. In other countries these actions would lead to punishmed way harder than in Norway such as sentence to death or the electric chair. In NorwayContinue Reading