zTools 2.2, a new free update, was made available on AMIStore on December 17th. (The moderators apologize for the late announcement here. ) This December version contains some enhancements for FastView, SysMon, WebReplay, FastCompress, aTunes, FlipPaper, AttachMail, CPUDock, RAMDock, GFXDock mainly focused to support some new functions of the upcomingContinue Reading

Workbench CANDI New Year Count Down Theme Animated Workbench Backdrops A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce that Workbench CANDI has now been updated and is available to download immediately from AMIStore App Store. Once again we are delighted to confirm that this New Year theme is free of charge toContinue Reading

An impressive thing to do. While many have tried to play Fallout 4 without kill or getting killed, The Weirdist have managed to actually successfully play Fallout 4 without killing anyone at all. Not only did he complete the game without killing. He also did it on the hardest levelContinue Reading

One of the most deadliest sickness is Ebola and now VG.no can inform that there is no more Ebola virus in Guinea country in Africa. It is WHO which have given this great news. Over 2500 people have died because of Ebola in Guinea. Distrita wishes all the best toContinue Reading

Washington Post can inform that 36 people gets killed by guns everyday in USA. This statistics is way higher than most of us would think of, but it is the reality. Even on the 25th of December, which is seen as the most peaceful day killings happened. On 25th ofContinue Reading