A nice user on the Commodore Amiga group on Facebook, shared a picture of his Amiga 1200 which is connected thru Internet via WIFI (Wireless). He also writes that WIFI on A1200 with aca1221, the net experience he have works like a charm. He even states that its “Almost easierContinue Reading

You might have heard of the Alien Breed series. But you might not know that Alien Breed 3D is the fourth game in the series. This games runs on any Amiga AGA chipset but a 68030 is highly recommended. The game contains a fully 3D FPS enviroment and you canContinue Reading

distrita files

Some have obtained access to both Amazon and Netflix. Now TorrentFreak can reveal this news because they spoke with one of the groups that have started uploading 4K content: “Many groups have started to launch 4K rips in the past, and they work perfectly. I expect that there will beContinue Reading

Gorm storm is now hitting Denmark and Sweden. The storm will also affect southern Norway during the night. While watching DR2, a Breaking News arrived about the storm. It seems to become pretty intense. Luckily its not a very cold storm, but lets hope it will give minor damages.  

1. Amiga 500 can only play games Wrong! Many serious software were released for Amiga 500. Even a WordPerfect version exists for AmigaOS 1.3 etc+++ 2. Amiga cant play 3D games Wrong! There are plenty of 3D Amiga games for both Amiga 500 and later Amigas. There is also 3DContinue Reading