Most of people going to Belgium only visits Brussels. But there is more to this country than meets the eye for sure. Belgium have worlds longest tram ride in the world and Distrita have been on this trip to give you some impressions on how it is. The Coast TramContinue Reading

With info from Swinoujscie newspapers, Distrita have got some very shocking evidence on anti-islamic demonstration that happened in Swinoujscie yesterday. We had images from the demonstration, but the author decided to ban it from us to be able to use them because they showed the true Poland. On an islandContinue Reading

Everything is more calm during the night for the citzens in Cities Skylines. These new screenshots shows how cool this game actually looks in the night. Enjoy! You can get Cities Skylines After Dark on Steam. Distrita recommends this game. Just look at all the fantastic lights and graphics putContinue Reading

Finally after 12 years of development. Gorky 17 is now out for AmigaOS 4. Hyperion Entertainment have been developing this game a lot, but because of the market and that some of the code was lost at a time. Gorky 17 is now finally out! Hyperion Entertainment is very pleasedContinue Reading

At you can download things for your AmigaOS 4.1 compatible machine like the AmigaONE X5000 when it comes out. Now you can pre order though! Here I found a Top 20 list from the site. This includes a webkit browser, AmiCraft which is a Minecraft clone and Emulators. HereContinue Reading