What is hiding under the surface of Mars? Is this planet as dead and hostile as humans wants it to be or does it posses some kind of internal life force that we can’t see? The most recent pictures from NASA website shows clearly that salty water does flow fromContinue Reading

After the addon of Diamon crossovers, better usability and many other improvements, Train Fever starts to become a mature game. You can get it on Steam for Linux, OSX and Windows. Our test machine is a MacBook Pro Retina and iMac i7 which this game actually runs quite nice onContinue Reading

If you loved Sim City. Then you will love Cities Skylines. So from today on, Distrita will show a bit different side of this amazing game. Our goal is to show different but nice shots of a game that have sold Gold on Steam. The game also supports several mods,Continue Reading

Not since 1964 have we been able to see such a large moon darkened. Next chance comes first in 18 years. Here is our pictures before and after the supermoon When super moon and total lunar eclipse occurs simultaneously called the phenomenon a bit informal for super lunar eclipse. SuchContinue Reading

One of the most loved and hated reality-tv show is now coming back in 2015 on FEM on 11th of October in Norway. It seems like it will be broadcasted only on FEM this year, but that’s just okay. The news we are waiting for is that if it willContinue Reading