Apple is known for having restrictions on iOS apps since the very beginning. Sometimes the rules changes, but for now Apple prevents on their newest device. Apple as a company wants to have control over your life. Apple also knows what you are doing and what you are installing. TheyContinue Reading

Life as we know it is a challenge for all species. Even the most beautiful people have their own issues. There is simply no perfect life, but there can be a pretty good one if we all start to respect the other. Illnesses When animals have illnesses or special diseasesContinue Reading

Today is the 10 year anniversary since Airbus A380 fullfilled its first flight ever! The Superjumbo is huge, and if you have ever seen it, you will never forget it! We have collected some videos of the amazing aircraft! Enjoy! Have a look at how A380 is inside, it’s aContinue Reading

LG G4 further refines what already made the G3 a compelling flagship. An improved curved screen with 5.5 Inches (2560 x 1440 pixels), beautiful real luxury leather material, and a camera nobody else have, make this phone stand out from the rest! The camera should be totally oustanding compared toContinue Reading