Water Energy in Norway

Today we gonna show you a building that probably is the most beautiful water plant! We at Distrita loves beautiful buildings and nature! And what if we could combine a beautiful building that reflects the stunning nature with wooden and glass that reflects the light and gets an amazing impression?Continue Reading

For the most, the web is full of weather sites that doesn’t do anything good regarding visually presentation. Windyty takes the world wide weather presentation to a new level. Here you can see the worlds Wind, Temperature, Pressure, Clouds, Rain and even Snow forecast. Link: www.windyty.com Some interesting Windyty info: Windyty.comContinue Reading

YouTube Error

Until recently. YouTube which is owned by Google, was working just fine for users using other web browsers than Google Chrome and Firefox. Now it seems like Google is throwing out other webkit browsers like OWB for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS. This means that users is forced to useContinue Reading

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With hot summers and mild winters, Adelaide is Australia’s 5th largest city with just over 1 million citizens. Then its nice to be able to get around in an easy way. In most of European cities at this size, there are both trams, metros and subways helping out. Oslo forContinue Reading

Nexus has always been known as the reference phone by Google, and different providers have got the honor to put their name on it! This time it’s Motorola’s time to show if they still have muscles! Is Motorola still strong? Could they really compete with Apple, Samsung and the rest?Continue Reading