Distrita DocumentaryWorld looks at North Korea Welcome to our North Korea week coverage. From tomorrow until next weekend, Distrita will focus on North Korea. We will cover the touristic part and the political. We will cover what you can do or not do in this communistic country which got borders withContinue Reading

The beaches of Donostia / San Sebastian is one of the main attractions in the summer. Each one has its own personality: la Concha, the best known and Ondarreta, more familiar, form the Bahía de la Concha. Zurriola, the youngest and surfing beaches and secluded little beach on the islandContinue Reading

Calimero 0.8 First Look Thanks to Carsten, he is a spirit keeping MorphOS era alive by developing Calimero for MorphOS. This is a wordprocessor created by him, which he gives out for free. Eventually in the end, Calimero will be a well done wordprocessor but Distrita have already got handsContinue Reading

Dole has invented a special banana for the marathoners, the Wearable Banana! This device can measure the runners’ heart rate, lap time and display the figures onto a real banana. You can even cheer the marathoners through social media! Weird Banana invention! Yeah, it’s crazy! You can check your LapContinue Reading