Here at Distrita we are getting ready for the Christmas time. Cities getting dressed with Christmas trees and focus on socialize and family-time is getting nearer day by day. So, Distrita wants to help you out. Try retro gaming this Christmas. Pull your old C64, NES, SNES, Megadrive, Amiga, DreamcastContinue Reading

This site is for everyone and the news on this site is written by different writers from across the globe. Some of the articles we get on e-mail, while others have their own account here at Distrita. Do you want to make a difference? E-mail us now! Distrita is aboutContinue Reading

Railroad crossings, stake cars, Intel HD Graphics fixes and more as a yet another Train Driver update has been released. The update brings new features, improvements and bug fixes. The update adds realistic and animated railroad crossings. Cars and people now stop and wait at railroad crossings if trains areContinue Reading