Every year thousands of people descend upon Ibiza for a holiday of a lifetime. Whether they’re drawn to the clubs, beaches or just the sunshine, Ibiza 2014 has something for everyone. Although it is renowned for having some of the best nightclubs in the world, here the best dj’s areContinue Reading

Any plans for the weekend? If you plan going to the cinema, we have a recommendation for you. «22 Jump Street» was a smash hit in the United States cashing in 60 million dollars already in the premiere weekend. It’s a fantastic number, only knocked by Hangover 2, according toContinue Reading

No more Sex and City! Instead Crime and the City for Sarah Jessica Parker who returns to the TV screen in a brand new series. This time in a crime series. There have been a decade since we saw Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradsahw in the HBO series SexContinue Reading

Some people in Norway, have made this great mini-video on YouTube, showing how the life can be with Likes and Facebook. People should use Facebook as a tool to get your interests stronger and just for small talks. If Facebook is able to control your life, you should think twice.Continue Reading

FIFA can confirm that we have opened disciplinary action against Uruguayan Luis Suarez after what seems like violation of disciplinary rules during the match between Italy and Uruguay. The player and the Uruguayan Football Association are invited to submit their views and any evidence at 17.00 Brazilian time, says onContinue Reading