Macau Gambler City

The former portuguese colony Macau in China is now world’s biggest gamling city. More than 40 billion dollars were used here in 2012, according to DN.

Spa on board

The company Hammacher Schlemmer  in Seattle has built an electric boat with a hot tub built into its deck.

Billy, the honest and homeless guy

This is a heart-warming story. It should be profitable to be a honest person, and this story is an evidence. Sarah Darling from Kansas was devastated when she discovered that her engagement ring was gone. She takes it almost never of the finger, but when she discovered a rash onContinue Reading


Do you have some extra time to spend on Oslo’s main airport, Gardermoen? Then you have time to visit Rakni’s Mound, or Raknehaugen in Norwegian. This is the largest free-standing prehistoric monument in Norway. It dates to the Migration Age and has been the subject of three archaeological investigations. 77Continue Reading

After just few months out, Sailfish OS is getting more and more software which is Sailfish OS native. As a result of this, users doesn’t need to install Android apps. So, what with this weather app? MeeCast delivers a high quality weather app for Sailfish OS users. A more sexyContinue Reading

Most of us nerds tends to be thin in our teenager years, then our bellies starts to grow and sudden you want to get back into shape. Weight Log for Sailfish OS is a small app which is very small, but good for you if you want to go downContinue Reading

Sailfish X is now out for Sony XperiaX

When Distrita first started to write about Jolla Mobile smartphone, we got questions about how it is to be used in daily life. Now I have had quite good experience and everyday I discover new things with this phone, which makes me more and more love with it. Here isContinue Reading