The Spanish State channel TVE dedicates the entire night to share memories of their big hero, Adolfo Suárez. The prime minister from 1976 – 1981 was important after Francos’s dictator period with almost Hitlerism! It’s only 30 years ago, so it’s a bit strange to realize that Spain did notContinue Reading

Almost 50 European countries compete in the yearly Eurovision Song Contest. It has been a tradition since the 60’s, and still the competition collects millions of viewers nationwide… But not everybody is satified with the competiton, the level of the songs and the show in general. There are so manyContinue Reading

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia hasn’t got the success with their Lumia phones as expected. Until now. But their latest top model Nokia Lumia 1520 seems to have everything a smartphone needs. It seems like Nokia finally has hit the “code”. It is an elegant and big phone with a fast processor! It looksContinue Reading

We are used to see 5 or 6 companies producing mobile phones. It is relatively seldom to see any new name… But a seldom time it happens, and we were excited when we heard about Find 7 from Oppa. It is a premium phone! It is not a cheap 3rdContinue Reading

Iceland Spa

Have you ever though of escaping from everything? Life could be so stressful… Every day is the same. You work hard from early until late, and you haven’t time to treat yourself as you should. You haven’t time to prepare the healthiest food and take something easy just to notContinue Reading