Review, Jolla mobile with Sailfish OS: A New Beginning it is! A new company called Jolla, a new mobile called Jolla mobile and a new mobile operating system called Sailfish OS. It’s all new, but how does everything work? Distrita finds out. The company Jolla: In May 2013 I calledContinue Reading

Media, Scandinavia: It is now, over 26 years since TV3 broke Norwegian television monopoly. During these years, TV3 AS evolved into a media house with five significant channels, with a solid international organization in the back, to the delight of both viewers and advertisers. We are now gathering all ourContinue Reading

Fire, Norway: The last weeks have been terrible for many Norwegian citizens as lot’s of flames of fire have destroyed their houses. The weather situation in Norway makes this happen. Here in Oslo where I am, there is lots of snow but in the Northern parts of Norway its soContinue Reading

Gaming News, Norway: The employees of Funcom are sent home for today, and just before 12 o’clock they left their jobs. It happens after the Economic Crime (Økokrim) in 8 o’clock moved into the offices of Funcom. After the The Secret World on-line game did worse than expected, there haveContinue Reading

U.S forces have launched missiles against Shebab leader in Somalia yesterday. There is one, which is a suspect one. The U.S. government has “been tracking this guy for years,” the official told AFP on condition of anonymity. USA seems to want to bomb interesting targets, but countries like North KoreaContinue Reading