The very first Norwegian commercial tv channel got launched on 5th of December 1988. At a time when NRK (national broadcaster) had almost all of the marked. Sky Channel and Super Channel did broadcast to Norway to those which were lucky to have cable tv. This and that the NorwegianContinue Reading

Sailfish X is now out for Sony XperiaX

Before time was time. There was Nokia N9 smarthpone with MeeGo. A phone, that could have saved Nokia. This smartphone was the only phone with MeeGo operating system from Nokia. The phone got a very nice design (similar to Nokia’s Windows phone mobiles) and is one of the mobile phonesContinue Reading

Pascal Papara is developing an App-store for all Amiga systems, called “Project Synergy”. The web-interface for developers was finished and Papara asks interested developers to create an account and to check out the system. From early times, the Amiga community had Aminet. The App-store system is a bit based onContinue Reading

Today, Distrita launches its registration site, where you can register to be able to comment on our Say Hello!? page. We at Distrita wants you to help us in shaping Distrita with your own comments. Go here and register yourself Let the world know what you mean about topics servedContinue Reading

Distrita wants to know from you, what your very first computer experience was like? Do you remember it? We like to test out our discussion part of the site. You can write anything you like, but Try to behave. Please.