There is no Spotify player for AmigaOS4, AROS or MorphOS. There is also no player for Haiku or Symbian. This is really bad, as people tend to use different operating systems and not everyone likes to use Windows, OSX, iOS or Android/Linux. This is wrong priority, and we at DistritaContinue Reading

This summer, Distrita visited the border between Poland and Germany on the Uznam island. While 95% of Uznam island is on the German side, the last 5% is Polish, where also the biggest city on Uznam is. Swinoujscie became Polish after World War II. [layerslider id=”1″] The border have beenContinue Reading

For us Norwegians, we tend to trust media. and tend to try to reveal the right weather. But as Distrita have revealed, those weather forecast websites isn’t always trustfully. especially ¬†have always predicted too much rain, and just recently they apologized that they have predicted too muchContinue Reading

From us, the creators of, you find on-line. Here you find all the latest news and reviews from Swinoujscie, a small Polish town near the baltic sea and German border. The town got cheap food, cheap shopping and an excellent beach during summertime. Swinoujscie is on one ofContinue Reading