Azamara Club Cruises Fleet: two of the 694-passenger Azamara ships are designed as floating country clubs and sail for Europe, Asia, South America, the Caribbean and North America and Central. What include: artisan wines, international beers, and standard alcoholic drinks; non-alcoholic beverages; Tips; transfers to the centers of cities fromContinue Reading

Just we are beginning the month of may, but blogs specializing in Apple products start to launch the rumors of the possible presentation of iPhone 5S, which predict it would come with color covers. A few days ago Apple announced that it will perform its traditional World Wide Developers ConferenceContinue Reading

Scientists in Uruguay announced that they genetically modified sheep so they can acquire a green glow under ultraviolet light. The scientists used the gene for a jellyfish that produces a protein associated with a fluorescent green color in these species. They then produced embryos of sheep through in vitro fertilizationContinue Reading

With growth driven by the demand for smaller screen devices, tablets have not shown signs of slowing down, on this occasion, the first quarter of the year were distributed49.2 million units, which represents an increase of the142.4 percentcompared to the same period in 2012. According to preliminary data from theContinue Reading