Do you want to try something different next time you visit Mexico? You don’t need to do the typical boring family activities like everybody else! Ok, you can relax because you deserve it! But why not do something EXCITING at least one day of your getaway! Escape from the resortContinue Reading

Google launched Monday its role as predictive search Google Now for users of iPhone and iPad, as an update to the Google Search application. The duel began today with the release of a free iPhone and iPad app that features Google Now, a technology that performs many of the same functionsContinue Reading

Until now smartphones have been impossible to use for disadvantaged people, such asblind people. Although applications like Siri have solutions, exhibitor of TED Summit in Dagar had an idea for a more efficient solution: a smartphone specifically designed for people who have visual problems.  The phone, which has no officialContinue Reading

It is a difficult life, to be part of one of the 36 anonymous reporters from Conde Nast Traveler magazine that is responsible for making an annual list of the best new hotels in the world, evaluating hundreds of new hotels, plunge into swimming pools, drinking cocktails and view stunningContinue Reading

South Beach The South Beach as its translation indicates it is without doubt one of the most tourist places in Miami. Not only for its beautiful beaches, but for its gastronomic, cultural and nightlife offerings. The nightlife is as cosmopolitan and varied that adapts to suit all tastes. Rhythms ofContinue Reading