Do You enjoy gardening? You could be deriving more than pleasure from your hobby. Researchers have found evidence that “gardening is good for your health, reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure and even helping you live longer,” reports London’s Independent newspaper. “After a busy, stressful day it’s a great escape toContinue Reading

  Possessing a wealth of history, culture and tradition, Habana, capital of Cuba, is the quintessential cultural destination of the Greater Antilles, and one of the world’s most enchanting cities. In Havana the tourism grows each year, you can enjoy clubs, marinas, recreational parks, museums, theaters, sports and excursions andContinue Reading

Airports and Ryanair

The European Commission today banned the Irish airline Ryanair to buy national competitor Aer Lingus, because business would prevent free competition in 46 connections to and from Ireland, was announced in Brussels after several months of operation analysis. Ryanair tried unsuccessfully to overcome objections to a number of concessions. TheContinue Reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, the commitment Firefox OS, Sony Xperia Z and future fourth generation connections among the highlights of technology event in Barcelona closes its doors after successful participation In this trend toward big and already started with your Note II Samsung 5.5 inch-considered by many unnecessary-expert, the SouthContinue Reading