A free Wi-Fi initiative will start to roll out for Dublin City. In total, people will be able to log onto the internet for free in 12 locations around the city. The first phase of the Wi-Fi rollout will be from Wood Quay to St Patrick’s Park and Barnardos Square.Continue Reading

The inhabitants of Mooloolaba, a coastal city on the east coast of Australia, awoke with streets covered by seafoam. This natural phenomenon, which in some parts reached three meters high, is a direct result of Hurricane Oswald and goes by the name of ‘Foam Day’ (day of the foam). ThisContinue Reading

  Brazil Carnival begins forty days before Lent and is a secular celebration that welcomes religious deprivation. It is a tradition that finds its first origin in ancient Rome, where the Carnival were given in order to welcome the spring These Roman traditions survived and became famous Renaissance European culture.Continue Reading