At, they have been so lucky. They have been able to test the new mobile OS from Jolla. A company, with several people divorced from Nokia. Its a very interesting operating system. Lets you customize the look, with colors and everything (like AmigaOS and MorphOS). It’s completely seamless andContinue Reading

AmiKit, the high-end distribution of the best classic Amiga software running on Windows, Linux or Mac, has been updated. The new 1.6.4 update contains recently released software updates and patches. Key features of AmiKit:  full & exclusive applications included  compact visual and functional design  three different working environments: Magellan, Scalos,Continue Reading

According to estimates, Poles spent 20 billion zloty (5 billion euro) over the Christmas period, with around one-third of that sum spent on presents. Most pays were paid with cash, but also credit cards have been used. As Poland becomes more and more rich, more and more will start toContinue Reading

A Chinese court has fined Apple Inc $160,400 over a copyright infringement, saying the company sold pirated electronic books via its App Store. Earlier in the year, a group of Chinese authors filed the suit against Apple after they spotted several apps in the App Store containing pirated electronic versionsContinue Reading

Actor Nick Stahl was put into jail after LAPD officers arrested him in a Hollywood adult store. Undercover officers conducting a routine sweep found Stahl alone in a private booth, watching a video and committing a “lewd act,” shortly after 20.00 in the evening, multiple celebrity websites reported. When confrontedContinue Reading