Norwegian Air Shuttle has offered free wifi aboard on domestic flights within Norway for a long time, but now it becomes better.

This news is big for me as writer for Distrita, because we have to deliver this news to all of you which I know loves TV1000. This movie channel started its life in 1989 and was ment for Scandinavia since the start. Now Viasat have anounced that TV1000 will changeContinue Reading

The Darkest Hour short movie Review

Movie, Sci-Fi: Distrita wasn’t expecting great moments when watching The Darkest Hour at cinema, but our visit turned more positive than negative! We were positive surprised, even with memories from The Darkest Hour trailer. Also, the critics have been too negative, but also right in many aspects. Here is ourContinue Reading

In 2011, the alternative operating systems rised a bit. We in Distrita hopes that this trend moves on also this year. The most interesting happening in the alternative world, is the Amigas comeback. There is so many people that wants Amiga to rise, but at the same time Amiga stillContinue Reading

Reading the news in Swinoujscie media. The city have flood which reaches a hospital which is quite near the river which runs thru the city. The ferries which is taking passangers from one side to the other is also not working at the moment as they should. Swinoujscie is aContinue Reading