As we all stay alive. We can be sure, that the Maya calendar just ended in some way. We are still alive, and still fighting.

Humans should love each other much more. People fight about silly things. Instead people should connect the whole world. We could be indeed on Mars as planned in 1990s. We could have highspeed trains reaching every destination in the world, including Africa. We could have a Africa continent with full of culture that spreads over the world. But… No… World still have lots of problems.

We are adults, trying to teach our children about life. But is in fact, them which teaches us. Adults destroys the world, and this needs to be stopped. Men and womans needs to grow up and show the right way. Either religion or ethnisism.

Lets try to make our world, a better place for you and me in 2013. Please. That is what Distrita wants for 2013. Can we?