Nokia is moving towards Microsoft these days, but their best phone was launched in the same month as iPhone. On June 2007, Nokia showed the world how a smartphone should be and its still a beast, even today. Both in size and technology.

Distrita can inform that the area around Westminster is one of the places you can take advantage of free internet. We will soon give you a free wifi spot guide in the entire Europe. Also a small note is that From 1 November it is established 26 so-called “hotspots” with free Internet in London. Nice to know with Distrita

Look how far we have come! This robot walks almost like a human! Technical detail is presented in “Human-Like Walking with Toe Supporting for Humanoids,” by Kanako Miura and more. The technology goes fast. The first video is from 2010 and the second is from 2011:

Most people have only good things to say about the Wave phones from Samsung, but very many have complained that there is no voip service like Skype or Voipbuster, But finally Viber has announced that they will launch their voip service for the Bada platform. Many consider it as whenContinue Reading

Aluminum design looks nice! Asus Zenbook will have better specifications, lighter and cheaper than Mac Book Air. It is only 18mm thick. The weight is 1,3 kilos, and the battery will last for 7 hours. The resolution is 1600×900 on the 13.3″ monitor. And the speakers are from Bang andContinue Reading

During a recent official visit to France, the head of the Andorran government Antoni Marti Petit, accompanied by President of the Andorran parliament Vicenç Mateu Zamora, confirmed plans to introduce a range of taxes in the principality in 2012.

More than 15000 homes and businesses in Australias south- west coast is without electricity. Extreme weather have given no electricity to Arncliffe, Wolli Creek, Miranda and Caringbah. The weathertype repirted is big and heavy thunderstorms. This storm is heading towards Sydney now. More updates on this soon. Source: