On Thursday, a yet another earthquake rocked northeastern Japan, which is still recovering from the devastating tsunami six months ago. This time the quake struck at 19.05 local time, had a magnitude of 5.6. No one was hurt, but Distrita remembers the tsunami and all of our thaughts goes to theContinue Reading

Indonesia, the country of islands, one of the famous among the islands are Bali, but now you can try to visit Karimun Jawa, the virgin island. Karimunjawa is an archipelago of 27 islands in the Java Sea, Indonesia, approximately 80 kilometres northwest of Jepara located in Cental Java.

Panasonic announced on Monday, that they are developing an innovative communication assistance robot named HOSPI-Rimo. A new robot which is an Hair-Washing Robot and a RoboticBed. These robots are designed to support people who need assistance to lead safe, comfortable and pleasant lives. Distrita follows this…

This is Distrita. We cover Anything which is interesting. Why? Because other media doesn’t. Simple as that. Here is the place where you should point your browser to when you want the News that matters. There are so many people out there deserve so much more attention than others, justContinue Reading

Tron Legacy Bike

If you can dream it, then They can build it folks. Yes, so if you want a Tron Legacy alike bike. They will do it for you. But if you think its going to be a cheap bike, think again.

Did you know that Trondheim (Norways third biggest city) have a tram line? It was Norways only tramline outside of Oslo until Bybanen in Bergen opened last year. Now its also worlds northernmost tramline in the world.

Japan launched a new spy satellite to monitor North Korean missiles. “The rocket was launched successfully and the satellite was separated into an orbit around the Earth later,” Naoki Takarada, an official of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). This is a interesting move by Japan. With this news goingContinue Reading