We wrote about saveyoutube.com some few days ago. Here is another one. First of all, Umplayer is’snt only for saving youtube movies to your computer. It’s much more than that. If you know VLC Player from before, Um player is like that + a whole lot more. We have testedContinue Reading

There are many pages out there that let you download your favourite youtube movies, but this is one of the easiest we have used! You can choose to download in flv or mp4 formats, some movies even in full hd quality. The service is stable and fast. And the bestContinue Reading

We were there, and so also Android, of course. Have a look among their stands, interesting people and lots of news.

LG had a great stand at MWC2011. One of their featured highlights were the brand new LG Optimus 2X. With it’s dual core processor, 4 inch led screen, multitasking, super browser, Full HD and HDMI mirroring and True Visual Gaming, LG has got a fascinating specification list for their newestContinue Reading

What are you looking for when choosing an operating system? Is it speed, compatibility or best gaming experience? Is it the factor of icons, easy to use or do you need text based system for your needs? Distrita tries to choose the right operating system for you and your needs.Continue Reading

Police in Queensland, Australia will be banned from accepting free or discounted burgers and doughnuts under new anti-corruption reforms threatening to cause divisions within the force. The Queensland Police Service will activate a revamped gratuities policy on July 1, but the police union is preparing to help officers circumvent it.Continue Reading