Why does everybody talk about iPad when there already is a WeTab. It has an 11,6inch Led screen and comes with an Atom N450 processor and the resolution is stunning 1366×768 pixels. Of course there is space for a 32gb micro sd card for all your files. Check out moreContinue Reading

ASUS U36JC is the name of Asus’ latest ultra light notebook. It has an impressing aluminium style and comes in black. The specifications look promising: GeForce G310,Core i5-460,4GB RAM,500GB 7200rpmHDD,camera,84 Wh battery,Windows 7Home Premium. Asus promises a “fast boot”; it will start up in only 30 seconds! Other features are 8Continue Reading

Fire has set 70 houses on fire. South Korea return the fire. The island named as Yeonpyeong got attack this morning. What this means for the citizens is unclear, but they need to find shelters Reuters says. Distrita follows this situation as a target on the world from communist stateContinue Reading

Mozilla is a company which have an popular alternative to Internet Explorer, which is called Firefox. This browser is the most used browser beside Internet Explorer. Now Mozilla (the Firefox company), have new plans and that is to challenge iTunes Store and Android Market with their own mobile apps-store. PlansContinue Reading