With over 13000 programs to choose from, Nokia is still the company with most apps for mobiles. iOS and Android together can’t compete for now with the amount of software which Symbian can provide its users. With Nokia N8 coming and the new Nokia E9 smartphone on the way. NokiaContinue Reading

Check out LG’s newest LED screen, the LEX8. The screen is only 8,8 mm thick caused by a brand new NANO light technology. It is expected to be not only the thinnest screen but it will also provide the brightest picture quality on the market, according to LG. The LEXContinue Reading

Distrita.com can report that Samsung is selling 24000 units each day in USA. This is great numbers for Android which haven’t got the start it deserves. Samsung have released their Galaxy S series around the world. Some flaws with their Kies program, but all in all. Samsung makes Android growContinue Reading