Distrita tried out the AirAsia route between London and Kuala Lumpur i 2010. So here is our verdict for this low cost route that connects Europe and Asia in an cheap way. Update! Sadly this route is no more, but read on how the experience actually was! The intro TheContinue Reading

Usually in March, the middle temperature on Mallorca should be around 15C. But the snow storm that caused problems in Barcelona, have now reached Mallorca. A very known Spanish touristic island during the summer. So, if you are heading towards to Mallorca for vacation, then take extra clothes with you.Continue Reading

Yes, it’s a shock for lots of people in Barcelona. Winter isn’t over yet in this town which usually doesn’t have any snow at all. For Norwegians, snow is quite common at this time of the year. In northern part, we even get snow as late as June sometimes! TheContinue Reading