When I visited Indonesia, I didn’t knew that the country have some nice stuff to buy. I like to buy gadgets and I found two that seems a bit interesting to even write about. So here I share my two gadget experience with you.

Toothbrush Holder
Toothbrush Holder

I don’t know about you, but in our bathroom the cups on the sink is full of toothbrushes. It becomes a mess and the cup isn’t as often washed neither. So, I always wanted more space near the sink area, but never thought of getting such toothbrush holder like the one on the picture above. This toothbrush holder is really handy and stays where you put it. Very handy and it also looks quite cool also. Make sure that you have a shower glas or some fine wall.

I bought this in a supermarket at one of the shopping malls in Bandung, Indonesia. This is a small but important product that I thank myself for buying in Indonesia for sure.

Clock on a stick
Funny clock from Indonesia

Most of the plain small watches is just plain. They sit on the table. This one however, which I got in a very interesting store containing books and media. This product got my interest, because it looked so nice. Its a bit higher, so even in a office you will notice the time easy. I wish that someone sold such gadget here in Oslo, but no one does. The clock uses battery, but works as it should.

If you want to get this, you can goto any bigger shopping mall in Indonesia where they have a store that sells books and media. However, you should remember to talk with the people near where the things are because they will write a check that you have to take to the cash register and then go back to these guys to actually buy the item. Some things in Indonesia is just more frustrating than others, but in the end this product is yours as any other in these stores.

There are many stores in Indonesia. Both in the bigger shopping malls and outside. Make sure that you know how they operate. They have all different policies and that can be tricky to know. I was lucky to have guidance with me, but for others just ask if you don’t know.