When hiking, you should think of just having the most important things with you. So here is a guide that will help you if you plan to make a hiking trip somewhere.

When you are on a hike, safety is your biggest concern. You could get injured or even lose your way. So study a map before you go or buying a GPS will help you a lot to navigate yourself back home. Similarly, with that, here is a short list of essentials to pack light, smart and be prepared for a safe and pleasant hiking journey.

Nice Breakfast to start the hiking Trip!

A good breakfast is a must to have, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day the experts says. Yes, it is true. Your morning meal before a hike should include a cereal (oats or wheat), which will give you the necessary carbohydrates for energy rest of the day. Your energy level can be kept on track throughout the day by sipping on water as well as munching onto fruits and nuts.

Inform relatives and friends!

Inform someone about your plans. Never take off without informing your family or a friend that you are planning to hike and which direction you intend to go. In case you are not back in time, rescuers will have an idea where to find you. You could also use your GPS enabled device to navigate back. Never post your itinerary anywhere on your car as this can attract thieves.

Weather forecast

You should always be informed about the weather conditions within your trail. Accordingly you should be clothing yourself to keep you warm and dry. If the weather turns out to be worse than expected, always choose to return home. Do not risk your life for anything. The mountains are always going to be there on the same trail.

Equipment for Hiking!

A compass is a very valuable tool but you could also carry a map, sports watch with GPS or any other mobile with GPS functions enabled.

Headlamp or a flashlight is also extremely essential, even if you don’t intend on staying out till dark. You never know how long a hiking trip can take. If you twist your ankle or take a wrong turn and your hike will take much longer than expected.

First aid kit is also important as basic stuff such as bandages, adhesive tape, antibiotic ointment, gauze and pain relief tablets should be sufficient.

Drinking water is also important, so take lots of water. You need more than the normal daily intake of water required because you are traveling. Not only do you feel better with water, your body also functions better when you stay hydrated.

The water bottle should also be a bottle that can handle both cold and warm water.


Hiking is fun, but be aware for moments that needs actions. So this guide is made so that you can have a better trip. The most essential thing to know is however to know that you will meet lots of new people. Some will be only somebody, while others might even become a friend for life. I know of 2 people that did a hiking trip from Norway to China thru Europe, Egypt, Iran and Pakistan. Be ready for anything and have a enjoyable trip.

Eliza Susan

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