There are many different countries that have no respect for human rights. But there are also countries that have more freedom with more violence and death.

El Salvador consists of about 6 million people, but when 15 people gets killed everyday. The statistics is quite shocking.

Statistics from police show that it was registered 481 killings, more than 15 a day, in Central America‘s smallest country. The first five days of April, started brutally with a total of 73 registered murder, writes news agency AP

The authorities believed escalation in the killings and violence is an attempt by the criminal gangs to push them to the negotiating table after the ceasefire agreement collapsed last year.

What makes people kill each other, is beyond my understanding. Stop it!

Here are some positive El Salvador vibes

This video makes me happy and El Salvador deserves less killing, but more dancing. Dance for peace. You won’t solve problems by killing someone. It only makes everything worse. Humans should be nice to each other and respect the others opinions. Weapons makes it too easy to put someones anger away, but the killer will have this in his or hers mind all the way until the end of life. Stop the killing. Everywhere.


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