The low-largest expense in Europe, Ryanair plans to operate transatlantic flights by 2020.
The airline is in talks with manufacturers to introduce long-haul flights, for which need larger aircraft. If they secure the purchase of airplanes from Boeing or Airbus would, Ryaniar plans to offer low cost to Europe from 14 cities in the United States.
“European consumers want inexpensive travel to the United States and so ask Americans coming to Europe,” communications director of the airline, Robin Kiely said. “We see it as a logical evolution in the European market.”
Rates begin from 10 pounds or $ 15, but the final price will almost certainly be raised after taking into account taxes.
For example, you must pay $ 200 in taxes for a flight from the UK to the US and airlines often do extra charges such as those related to the charge for baggage or reserve a seat.
Unlike other airlines, Ryanair earns income from extra charges are not included in the ticket price.
The Irish company said long you want to enter the lucrative US market does, but is not the first European airline to explore this opportunity. Norwegian Air launched a low-cost service in May last year.
Last month the French airline La Compagnie revealed plans for business class flights from New York to London. For $ 2,200, offers the same service at half price compared to the rates of American Airlines and Air France.
However, it claims to do La Compagnie already been explored by other airlines. Three operators of business class flights, Eos Airlines, Silverjet MAXjet and by 2008 had ceased operations. A fourth, L’Avion, was sold to British Airways.