A shaking and disturbing story from Thailand just hit the Distrita team right now from a event Saturday. A 13 years old girl named Nong Kaem in Thailand got raped, killed and thrown out of window on a train.  The train employee confessed to the rape.

The train was on its way to Bangkok, the Bangkok Post writes. The employee is 22 years old and his name have been put on-line, which is Wanchai Saengkhao. He is the one responsible for this shocking stunt on the train.

When the man was going to sell his iPhone to a shop in Bangkok, the Police could trace him up. The Police used three days after the murder and rape was reported to find the girl, who was found naked along the rails.  She had been raped, strangled and thrown out of a window of the train.

A really shocking news. How can people be so mean?

Thailand Requires stricter penalties Now
The rape and murder getting strong reactions in Thailand.

A petition on Change.org has collected more than 30,000 signatures for stricter punishment for rape.

The perpetrator can get statutory punishment and execution because of the killing, but it’s screaming for harsher penalties for rape of minors.

The penalty for rape is 4 to 20 years in prison and a fine of 40,000 Thai bath (around 7,500 NOK, which is around 892,- Euro).

Bangkok Post