10GB RAM mobile from China Phones Company Xiaomi is Affordable


The China Phones Company mobile market is doing better and better. It is becoming a real threat for Apple and their iPhone as these smartphone manufactures can produce phones which is priced much lower. Xiaomi which is one of the biggest phone company in China is really giving competition right now!

Xiaomi’s series of phones are all using Android by Google and they find up unique solutions. And some of them tries to be innovative too.

Mi Mix 3 includes up to 10GB RAM

A yet another notch-free all-screen device from Xiaomi proves that this choice is one of the most wicked choices ever made in the smartmobile market. Steve Jobs must be wrecking his neck in the grave. Apple would never have put this design onto iPhone with him charge. I am so sure of it.

Many of our readers at Distrita might love the notch or the famous iPhone buss parking lane on the top of a mobile. But I am really questioning what the point with it is? When watching a videoclip or anything large in widescreen mode. Do I really need to have a bus stop there???  No! There should always be versions of the mobiles with or without the notch. Like Google is doing with Pixel 3 Max and Pixel 3.

Mi Mix 3 series from Xiaomi haven’t included the notch in any of them. Not even in the 10GB RAM mobile version of the phone. Instead you can slide the camera etc to be used or not as you want. You can totally hide it, which is one of the better designs recently.

Slide phone from China Phones Mobile company Xiaomi which is one of the biggest phone company i China

What the world is now seeing is how the Chinese Android compatible smartphone makers now is challenging Apples expensive price line. Not all in this world have the income to buy a phone for 1500 Euros, that should have been priced at 500 Euros! Only the most hardcore Apple fans will get this phone as this is their lifestyle. But if you are looking for affordable phones. Forget iPhone.. and especially their cheapest iPhone XR too!

Don’t pay more than you should for a smartphone ever and Xiaomi and other Chinese smartphone makers knows this. They are targeting people that is looking for affordable phones that doesn’t eat up every cent in their pockets.

10GB RAM mobile from China Phones Company Xiaomi is Affordable

A screen with AMOLED display that looks stunning even outdoors

The review also mentions a very good AMOLED display that comes with the phone. It is 2340×1080 in screenmode. 600-nit brightness and 103.8 percent NTSC gamut. So this screen is said to look stunning outdoors and indoors. The review complains about too low screenmode that is set for the device. But for the pricing at $720 for the 10GB RAM mobile version is not bad at all.

And if you don’t need a 10GB RAM mobile. There is also a  8GB RAM model at $580 or even a 6GB RAM model priced at $475. For the general person, the 6GB and 8GB phones is perfect and those prices should make Apple worry! The cheapest version might only have 128GB storage as standard. But most of smartphone users. These specs is enough. You will have a fantastic phone for many years with that storage,

The Mi Mix 3 comes in black, sapphire blue or jade green. Xiaomi is really delivering a phone that can deliver for a affordable price. We really love what Xiaomi does here and seeing other Chinese smartphone manufactures competing at this level. What’s the point at battle at 1500 Euro price range?… None!



Source: Engadget – Photosource: Xiaomi