Have you ever thought of escaping from everything? Life could be so stressful… Every day is the same. You work hard from early until late, and you haven’t time to treat yourself as you should. You haven’t time to prepare the healthiest food and take something easy just to not become hungry.

You definitely deserve a holiday. Iceland has warm and healthy sources that keep comfortable temperatures all year long, around 37 degrees, and you can combine the hot sources with a spa hotel where you get the best healthy teas, and the healthiest fruit juices and smoothies. You get the best fish prepared, and enjoy conferences about how to become healthy! There are kick-off events that make you change your busy life forever!

Detox treatment

Detox is a way to clean your body, both inside and outside, from all the toxins that build up over time. The food in the western part of the world is filled with unhealthy preservatives, toxins, and additives, which decreases your health and makes your body unbalanced. Hydro colon therapy is a very good choice when cleansing the body. It helps and restores the colon’s own ability to work efficiently. It can be useful to rid the body of toxic wastes built up in the colon and to renovate the regular strength action of the colon.

Colonics use warm sterile water which is inserted into the rectum through an adaptable tube in order to wash out discarded products from the colon. A colonic is only a large enema designed to cleanse the colon from uncultivated products, including stored fecal affairs, gas, mucus, and other toxins.

The infusion of water causes the muscles that line the colon to contract and expand rhythmically forcing out fecal waste, gas, and mucus through an evacuation tube that leads back to the machine.

A polish concept

This detox program was originally developed in Poland by Dr.Eva Dabrowska and is a recognized medical method that aims at enabling the body to heal itself.
Besides a full two-week treatment you get one week or a weekend treatment to those who have been through our detox program before.

With beautiful Iceland as your scenery, you can relax and start healing your body in a secure and comfortable environment. In the modern and well-equipped treatment center, they can offer 50 large rooms, good beds, and both bathtubs and showers.

Blue Lagoon (geothermal spa)

The Blue Lagoon (Icelandic : Bláa lónið ) geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland . The steamy waters are part
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Iceland Spa Holidays

Iceland is copious in geothermal activity. This has given rise to many hot springs, some of which are a source of geothermal heat for spas. Many tourists visiting Iceland come to these spas to relax. Read our guide for more
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@NatSpaFactory random question. Can you use your clays in the bath as a detox treatment? I am sourcing some as we tweet!