What if your Living table was a Atari PONG game!? Now It can!

Want to be able to play Atari PONG game while drinking your delicious ice tea? Want to challenge your brother in the living room while parents chitchat at the dinner table? Or just want to have a nostalgia blast? Then the Kickstart project that Gerardo Orioli and his team have managed to make, a perfect one. Table PONG Project is about giving every living room out there a physical table which can do all this and more.

What is Atari PONG?

Most of the gaming industry today started with Atari PONG. This was one of the earliest arcade video games ever made! It was released in 1972 by Atari.

Allan Alcorn created Pong as a training exercise assigned to him by Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell. Bushnell based the idea on an electronic ping-pong game included in the Magnavox Odyssey, which later resulted in a lawsuit against Atari. Surprised by the quality of Alcorn’s work, Bushnell and Atari co-founder Ted Dabney decided to manufacture the game.

But now you can play this Atari PONG game at home on a table in your living room or at a companys social area. This is a fantastic way of getting this remarkable game back to the living rooms everywhere. Also! The table got USB and Bluetooth. It also shows the time when then game isn’t played. This makes this table a fantastic furniture for all in the family.

Huge interest in Atari PONG game on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter project pledged a goal at $250.000, but with 3 days to go the project manage to reach $266.591, which is incredible. 258 have backed up this project, which means that lots of people liked the idea of this project and also the video is well made. They used 3 years for this project. Tested several types of magnets and controls systems also. They used social media to inform people about the project and from that point this project became alive!:

A playable, real life, mechanical homage to one of the first video games, disguised into a multi-functional coffee table.

It seems like people really like this project. So, in a few m, onths we will have tons of families having a Atari PONG game? We will see! Anyway. The mechanics behind the controls is very interesting as the game uses magnets. The Table PONG Project also added USB and Bluetooth to make it more than just a game. Each sides of the table also have a flip mechanism so you can use the table as a normal coffee table also. The score information can also show time when no one is playing. The whole concept of the controllers and the game mechanism also look stylish, which puts this project into a different dimension for sure.

The creators behind this project, wants to bring The Table PONG Project to every part of the world. And that seems to be realistic, now that the goal on their Kickstarter page have been reached. Distrita wishes the team all the best in the future and hope that our post also helps spreading info about your project! Because this is just awesome. Atari PONG is just extravaganza to have in your living room for sure!

Kickstarter.com – Play Atari PONG In Your Coffee Table


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