Trees can Communicate thru electric Signals and Gases

A German author called Peter Wohlleben says that trees in a forest does communicate with each others thru electric signals and gases. That’s something he writes about in his best selling book called The Hidden Life of Trees that you can even find on Amazon shopping website.

In The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben shares his deep love of woods and forests and explains the amazing processes of life, death, and regeneration he has observed in the woodland and the amazing scientific processes behind the wonders of which we are blissfully unaware. Much like human families, tree parents live together with their children, communicate with them, and support them as they grow, sharing nutrients with those who are sick or struggling and creating an ecosystem that mitigates the impact of extremes of heat and cold for the whole group. As a result of such interactions, trees in a family or community are protected and can live to be very old. In contrast, solitary trees, like street kids, have a tough time of it and in most cases die much earlier than those in a group.

Drawing on groundbreaking new discoveries, Wohlleben presents the science behind the secret and previously unknown life of trees and their communication abilities; he describes how these discoveries have informed his own practices in the forest around him. As he says, a happy forest is a healthy forest, and he believes that eco-friendly practices not only are economically sustainable but also benefit the health of our planet and the mental and physical health of all who live on Earth. – Amazon

Peter Wohlleben goes as far in describing how trees live as intelligent beings in his book. He believes trees have feelings and help each other, like a family. He explains how the trees interact with each other, for example to warn of hazards by emitting gases and through roots and fungi network underground. He is not afraid of being laughed at.

What Distrita have find out is that especially autumn and spring times. The trees knows exactly when it’s time to change, either to winter mode in autumn or to summer mode in spring. This activity is very different from each year! And by looking at all of the trees during these period of quite drastic changes for most of the trees. Some trees starts this process earlier than others for sure. And most noticable is that when a tree in the spring starts to change its leafs from green to yellow, the trees arround it also does the very same thing but other trees they wait longer for the process. Same in the spring when tree flowers starts to bloom. Especially Japanese people are so into this tree blooming process and it seems like those trees are able to communicate somehow to actually start the process at the same time! Here in Norway this process is much more individualy. Maybe this is because Norwegians and life here is more individual? Maybe the trees got more connections than we know and is a very good reason for beeing cautios when cutting down forrests.

– No, I’m not afraid that someone disagrees with me, what I mention in the book are hard facts from renowned research institutions. The only thing I do is to explain this using a more emotive language, says Peter Wohlleben. – NRK

Peter tries to explain that he writes so emotional in the book, that he would translate researchers’ results to a more comprehensible language. He writes about that 80% of our language is feelings. Thus does a language without emotion, inhuman he explains. That’s why no one reads scientific reports – apart from the researchers themselves.

Many people in Asia’n countries believes in that nature talks to them and it does have feelings. My grandmother from Poland loved to fix and care for her flowers in garden and she really got them to grow during summer time. She cared so much about them. Same with my grandfather from Poland. They had a cottage in Swinoujscie, Poland and it must have been one of the most rich and cared for cottage in the entire cottage area where they were. And because of their love and dedication, they got so much vegetables and fruits even in the tough communistic times.

So, trees and nature seems to actually do have feelings and we should therefor care for them as they do actually protect us from heat, from polution and from wastelands and deserts.

The End lines…!
If you want to get Peter Wohlleben’s book Amazon, you can get it here. I haven’t read his book, but I had some sense in what NRK, New York Times and other newspapers have written about this author. Even though people have tried to reject his words about trees having social networks etc, I have had the feeling always that trees and nature somehow does communicate each other. But how they do it? Now thats another question and Paul actually triggered my mind to write about this here.

New York Times

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