Tram system in Dublin is getting Bigger! No more two seperated Lines soon!

In Dublin, you will find Everything for tram interested people. The capital of Irland, is doing its best to give the trams a real comeback to the town and our contributors have sent us photos as a proof of that. For many years now since the two tram lines started to operate, there has always been talks that these two lines that are in operation daily, must be connected together. Now this reality is getting closer and closer as one of our contributors at Distrita’s Public Transport Facebook page, posted lots of pictures from Dublin. Thanks to Jan Flønes and Joakim Teig, Distrita can now give you a more complete article about the tram upgrades.

Here are some of photos mixed together from Dublin

Other interesting Tram related discoveries in Dublin

Jan also explained that he visited a Public transport archeology district in Smithfield. A tram cafeteria was also visited and he even saw buses with old trams that he wanted to share. Thanks for these amazing photos.

photosource: Jan Flønes / Old tram decorations on Dublin busses

photosource: Jan Flønes / Old tram decorations on Dublin busses

It is really nice to see Dublin giving the trams space again like most of the bigger cities in the world. Nice to see that streets that had trams way back is getting them back again also. Dublin is now becoming a real town again. Kudos!

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