The Longest Tram ride in The World

Coast Tram

Most of people going to Belgium only visits Brussels. But there is more to this country than meets the eye for sure. Belgium have worlds longest tram ride in the world and Distrita have been on this trip to give you some impressions on how it is.

The Coast Tram is named as Kusttram by the Dutch population in the country. The service is a public transport service connecting the cities and towns along the entire Belgian coast, between De Panne near the French border and Knokke-Heist. At 68 km (42 miles) in length, it is the longest tram line in the world, as well as one of the few interurban tramways in the world to remain in operation. The line is built at 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in) metre gauge and fully electrified at 600 V DC.

Many cities on this interurban tram line

A Very Nice Tramride

Our trip started in Knokke and ended in the middle of the map somewhere, because during the trip, an accident happened which made it impossible for me to give the whole route a go. I was a bit disappointed because of this, but had to swallow. At least I got lots of pictures for you to see.

The trip from Brussels to Knokke takes only a few hours. When I went there last summer, it was totally full because of the heat. Yes it was above 30C, so a ride to the coast helped a lot.

Finding the tram stop at Knokke is easy. Just walk a few seconds and you will find the tram turning point. You can either buy tickets at kiosks or at the driver (costs a little more). I paid 5,- Euros for a 24 hours ticket and this lasts for the whole 68 km stretch of the coast tram line. That is very cheap compared to other European public transportation trips. It is one of Europes greatest values that you can get.

A trip of a lifetime

Moving on to the next city

As you see on the above picture. That is where the tram starts in Knokke. The trams are from 1980s, but the middle section have been reconstructed so that bikes and people with lots of luggage can have an easier ride. The stations on the route have high platforms also, so its easy to get on and off.

The trams itself have no air-condition, but all of the windows were open on all of my rides so the wind helps a lot indeed.

Tram avenues almost all the time

Most of the track is separated from the main road traffic. So the speed of the tram is pretty high and comfortable. However. In some of the cities, the track is sharing tracks with the cars. But these sections are minimal.

At some sections however, the tram tracks runs on moving bridges. In these cases, the tram got separated tracks which is only used when big boats is entering the ports a long the route. These sections can be found in Oostende and in Nieuwport. I was so lucky to experience this.

Tram Bridge fully opened

Touristic Area of Belgium

Although the tram price is low, this area of Beligum is ment for tourists and because of that the prices is a bit more expensive than in Brussels.

Most of people that I met on my trip there were either from Netherlands or France though. Some is living in these coast cities, but hardly any other. Maybe some British, but that’s it.

Many nice sites along the Journey

The beach and nature parts of the journey is stunning. Also the ports with lots of different boats. Some of the cities also have nice churches and areas.


The beach. Looks nice, but the stones on this promenade looks a bit boring.


You will see this between the cities. Amazing Tramride for sure!


Tram running in the middle of the street


A nice church where the tram turns

A nice avenue stretch for the tram

A nice avenue stretch for the tram


Many colors in this picture. Interesting view of the port.


Cities at Belgium coast Needs to get nicer colors

The building structures in these cities aren’t the best and I feel sort of in touristic wastelands there. It looks more like Spain but with more green-gray colored houses. In Spain the coast cities looks nice though, but here I think that Belgium should do something about this. Maybe I am a bit too picky.

Here I show my experience. The buildings just seem a bit boring for me. Here I show you what I m

DSC_0597 Worlds longest tramrideTram section

For my taste, since I am very into buildings design. I think that some of the buildings in the cities could have a more uplifting design. I am expecting more, since maybe the tram ride is such a nice thing?


The same orange red color here also!


The contrast between the little house, beautiful tram avenue, bike road and the big not so fine building in the background is striking me hard.


If you are a public transportation enthusiast like me, then you must take this journey. If you want to goto Belgium’s coast it is also a fantastic way of getting around. However to make a touristic journey to this area I wouldn’t. There are so many more nicer coast cities in the world. But I might be totally wrong in my opinion about the structures, but for me Belgium should really do something about it. Just try to paint the buildings white or in some colors that makes me want to stay.

This journey is cheap! You will be rewarded for have taken worlds longest tram ride for sure! I loved it just because of the tram ride. So all in all. This journey is a 10 out of 10 just because of the tram ride. The nature is a 8 of 10, but the touristic areas puts it down to a 3 out of 10 ride.

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