The human police dog.

Surfing around on the limited selection on the norwegian version of Netflix, I came across an ukrainian television series called The Sniffer. It follows the tradition of british television series Sherlock, and its american counterpart, Elementary, where you have the main character solving crimes using sophisticated methods. In their case, mainly the eyes, The Sniffer uses his nose, and both of them have of course, a vast amount of peculiar knowledge.

Like Sherlock Holmes starring Benedict Cumberbatch, this television series also have a somewhat irregular output of its seasons, with the first one being released in 2013, and the second in 2016. The use of photography is spot on, the acting, not that good among the supporting actors, but Kirill Käros who plays The Sniffer does a decent job.

The Sniffer acts as a consultant for his friend Viktor Lebedev, a police chief, who have a shallow personality, and are way more of a womanizer than I’m used to from western european and american tv shows. We meet his ex-wife, played by Marija Anikanova, whose character is over-stressed in all the scenes she’s in, and their son who the creators state early in the show is in his most dumbed down teens. Apart from these, we have the police chief known as “The General”, and a few love interests, most of them tied to the Lebedev-character.

Because the Sniffer have such a delicate ability to use his nose to sniff out long gone smells, and use his knowledge to pin-point its origins, to protect his valuable sense with uses some kind of plastic device to protect his nose, that he constantly use throughout the episodes. He charges steep prices for his “consulting” services, so his apartment is costly. He lives somewhere in the city center, and have a “private” garage where he can park his fancy car, He rarely get any peace at home, since it seems like anyone can just walk right into the garage, but at least there is an elevator that requires a key, so that’s at least something, but it doesn’t really makes much sense. He has a “smart”-house, which is clinically clean, but he do have several dried flowers and stuff in test tubes neatly placed around his apartment. The rest of his place is very minimalistic with sparse furniture in his livingroom/kitchen/lab.

If you like television series like Sherlock and Elementary, this should definitly be a show for you, if you can ignore The Sniffers obvious mistakes when it tries to be “clever”.

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